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Add lexing support for nesC

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     'NSISLexer': ('pygments.lexers.other', 'NSIS', ('nsis', 'nsi', 'nsh'), ('*.nsi', '*.nsh'), ('text/x-nsis',)),
     'NasmLexer': ('pygments.lexers.asm', 'NASM', ('nasm',), ('*.asm', '*.ASM'), ('text/x-nasm',)),
     'NemerleLexer': ('pygments.lexers.dotnet', 'Nemerle', ('nemerle',), ('*.n',), ('text/x-nemerle',)),
+    'NesCLexer': ('pygments.lexers.compiled', 'nesC', ('nesc',), ('*.nc',), ('text/x-nescsrc',)),
     'NewLispLexer': ('pygments.lexers.functional', 'NewLisp', ('newlisp',), ('*.lsp', '*.nl'), ('text/x-newlisp', 'application/x-newlisp')),
     'NewspeakLexer': ('pygments.lexers.other', 'Newspeak', ('newspeak',), ('*.ns2',), ('text/x-newspeak',)),
     'NginxConfLexer': ('pygments.lexers.text', 'Nginx configuration file', ('nginx',), (), ('text/x-nginx-conf',)),


 from pygments.lexers.functional import OcamlLexer
 from pygments.lexers.jvm import JavaLexer, ScalaLexer
-__all__ = ['CLexer', 'CppLexer', 'DLexer', 'DelphiLexer', 'ECLexer', 'DylanLexer',
-           'ObjectiveCLexer', 'ObjectiveCppLexer', 'FortranLexer', 'GLShaderLexer',
-           'PrologLexer', 'CythonLexer', 'ValaLexer', 'OocLexer', 'GoLexer',
-           'FelixLexer', 'AdaLexer', 'Modula2Lexer', 'BlitzMaxLexer',
+__all__ = ['CLexer', 'CppLexer', 'DLexer', 'DelphiLexer', 'ECLexer', 'NesCLexer',
+           'DylanLexer', 'ObjectiveCLexer', 'ObjectiveCppLexer', 'FortranLexer',
+           'GLShaderLexer', 'PrologLexer', 'CythonLexer', 'ValaLexer', 'OocLexer',
+           'GoLexer', 'FelixLexer', 'AdaLexer', 'Modula2Lexer', 'BlitzMaxLexer',
            'NimrodLexer', 'FantomLexer', 'RustLexer', 'CudaLexer', 'MonkeyLexer',
            'DylanLidLexer', 'DylanConsoleLexer', 'CobolLexer',
            'CobolFreeformatLexer', 'LogosLexer']
+class NesCLexer(CLexer):
+    """
+    For nesC source code with preprocessor directives.
+    """
+    name = 'nesC'
+    aliases = ['nesc']
+    filenames = ['*.nc']
+    mimetypes = ['text/x-nescsrc']
+    tokens = {
+        'statements': [
+            (r'(abstract|as|async|atomic|call|command|component|components|'
+             r'configuration|event|extends|generic|implementation|includes|'
+             r'interface|module|new|norace|post|provides|signal|task|uses)\b',
+             Keyword),
+            (r'(nx_struct|nx_union|nx_int8_t|nx_int16_t|nx_int32_t|nx_int64_t|'
+             r'nx_uint8_t|nx_uint16_t|nx_uint32_t|nx_uint64_t)\b',
+             Keyword.Type),
+            inherit,
+        ],
+    }
 class DLexer(RegexLexer):
     For D source.
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