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Mylyn Bitbucket Connector

This project is a fork of I forked it because the previous owner didn't return my contact and I didn't want to mess with his code.


Feel free to submit new ideas, enhancement proposals or feature requests, not only bugs. If you find any bugs or wish to request any feature, please, create a ticket on the issue tracker:

We can't make any promises but we will do what we can.


The plugin is currently compatible with Eclipse Luna, Kepler, Indigo or Helios SR2 (maybe older versions but I didn't test it) and Java 6.

The updated plugin version can be downloaded from:

Just open your Eclipse, go to Help -> Install New Software...

In the "Work With" box, enter the update URL mentioned above and hit enter.

Check the box where it says "Mylyn Bitbucket Connector", click on "Next" and follow the wizard.

I hope you enjoy.


If anyone wants to help working on this code, please, feel free to reach me and send me a message here:

Don't forget to mention your e-mail or instant messenger so we can get in touch.

Our collaborators are listed here: