Christoffer Niska avatar Christoffer Niska committed 9e6d72a

fixed BootMenu to display the correct divider when type is set to 'list'

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 	public $htmlOptions = array();
+	 * Initializes the widget.
+	 */
+	public function init()
+	{
+		$this->htmlOptions['id'] = $this->getId();
+	}
+	/**
 	 * Runs the widget.
 	public function run()


 		foreach ($items as $item)
 			if (!is_array($item))
-				echo '<li class="divider-vertical"></li>';
+			{
+				$class = $this->type !== self::TYPE_LIST ? 'divider-vertical' : 'divider';
+				echo '<li class="'.$class.'"></li>';
+			}
 				if (!isset($item['itemOptions']))
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