This is the (opinionated) repo for Crux Linux. It contains the ports for various virtualisation applications, most notable being

It has quite a few ports, because all these applications have quite a few dependencies.


  • Clone this repo somewhere
  • cd $repo && git co 3.3 (3.3 branch is where all the most recent stuff is)
  • Edit /etc/prt-get.conf to include it
  • Run prt-get cache
  • Profit!


There is absolutely no guarantee that it will not blow up your computer, eat your kittens or gain sentience and take over the world.

tl;dr If you break something, fix it and send me the patch :)


  • Problematic ports

    • None (famous last words...)
  • Refine dependencies

    • Some now mandatory dependencies might be optional.Needs testing.
  • Test install on a clean 3.3 system (DONE, in a Docker container)


Q:The repo is quite big for bunch of text.Why?

Short answer: because I suck at git.

Longer answer: I included some tarballs generated from git snapshots in the past. Most of them are since removed, but git still remembers them.

Q:What's with the repo name?Do you even know how to spell, bro?

It's an alternative (British, iirc) spelling. Now, I am not English, nor do I play one on the TV, but I prefer this one, for some reason.


Some of the ports were stolen^Wborrowed from various people/entities. I left the Packager: line intact.If I forgot some, appologies.


You can ask questions, yell at me for breaking your system or laugh at me for stupid things I've done at:

  • Freenode #crux

  • the main Crux mailing list