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            'ScalaLexer', 'DylanLexer', 'OcamlLexer', 'ObjectiveCLexer',
            'FortranLexer', 'GLShaderLexer', 'PrologLexer', 'CythonLexer',
            'ValaLexer', 'OocLexer', 'GoLexer', 'FelixLexer', 'AdaLexer',
-<<<<<<< local
-           'Modula2Lexer', 'BlitzMaxLexer', 'GosuLexer', 'GosuTemplateLexer']
-           'Modula2Lexer', 'BlitzMaxLexer', 'NimrodLexer']
->>>>>>> other
+           'Modula2Lexer', 'BlitzMaxLexer', 'NimrodLexer', 'GosuLexer',
+           'GosuTemplateLexer']
 class CLexer(RegexLexer):
 class NimrodLexer(RegexLexer):
-    For `Nimrod `_ source code.
+    For `Nimrod <>`_ source code.
     *New in Pygments 1.5.*
           (r".", String.Char)
         'strings': [
-            (r'(?            (r'[^\\\'"\$\n]+', String),
+            (r'(?<!\$)\$(\d+|#|\w+)+', String.Interpol),
+            (r'[^\\\'"\$\n]+', String),
             # quotes, dollars and backslashes must be parsed one at a time
             (r'[\'"\\]', String),
             # unhandled string formatting sign
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