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A build configuration tool

 Copyright (C) 2002-2014 by Jason Perkins
 Distributed under the terms of the BSD License, see LICENSE.txt

 The Lua language and runtime library is (C) TeCGraf, PUC-Rio.
 See their website at

 See the file BUILD.txt for instructions on building Premake.

 For questions, comments, or more information, visit the project
 website at

Recent activity

Jason Perkins

Jason Perkins pushed 2 commits to premake/premake-dev

0564f0e - Fix edge case in list field processing that would allow empty tables in the results
30119e2 - Make _SCRIPT global available during debug manifest loading
Jason Perkins

Jason Perkins pushed 6 commits to premake/premake-dev

e3e8aba - Move more criteria pattern processing to native code loop
9b0c1eb - Stop trying to return current values for nil parameters to API calls; too many gaps to patch
d2420f7 - Avoid file filter term tests when matching against non-file configurations
f30e946 - Fix handling of "files:not Pattern*" for non-file contexts
8e85dcf - Move criteria.matches() to C to gain back some performance lost to filter prefixes
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