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Configuring .pdb file for project....

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vs2010, when project is being configured as release, (Symbols not enabled)

.vcxproj does not get <ProgramDataBaseFileName></ProgramDataBaseFileName> tag, which for some reason is interpretted by visual studio 2010 as fallback to default, which is: $(IntDir)vc$(PlatformToolsetVersion).pdb.

If you tune it manually and project gets empty value ( <ProgramDataBaseFileName></ProgramDataBaseFileName> ) - then no pdb is produced anymore. (Works correctly).

Missing pdb files can cause following linker warning to appear later on: warning LNK4099: PDB 'vc100.pdb' was not found with ...

which is impossible to disable properly (except to recompile library without pdb file).

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  1. Damien Courtois


    I'm currently fixing this, adding a unit test, and I'll create the pull-request to get this in premake-dev, but I have a question :

    Do I need to fix both ProgramDataBaseFileName and DebugInformationFormat, or just DebugInformationFormat ?

  2. Jason Perkins

    How would we know when to disable PDB output? We need to follow the default behavior of VS, which is to always create this file. If you want to turn it off we'd need a NoPDB flag or similar to control it.

  3. Tarmo Pikaro

    It's ok for me to use "NoPDB" flag, however - currently pdb sometimes is configured with no value, which results in visual studio default value, which is non-empty. I think it should be either empty (but defined) or fully defined.

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