premake-dev / premake4.lua

-- Premake 4.x build configuration script

-- Define the project. Put the release configuration first so it will be the
-- default when folks build using the makefile. That way they don't have to
-- worry about the /scripts argument and all that.

	solution "Premake4"
		configurations { "Release", "Debug" }
		location ( _OPTIONS["to"] )

	project "Premake4"
		targetname  "premake4"
		language    "C"
		kind        "ConsoleApp"
		flags       { "No64BitChecks", "ExtraWarnings", "StaticRuntime" }
		includedirs { "src/host/lua-5.1.4/src" }

			"*.txt", "**.lua",
			"src/**.h", "src/**.c",


		configuration "Debug"
			targetdir   "bin/debug"
			defines     "_DEBUG"
			flags       { "Symbols" }

		configuration "Release"
			targetdir   "bin/release"
			defines     "NDEBUG"
			flags       { "OptimizeSize" }

		configuration "vs*"
			defines     { "_CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS" }

		configuration "vs2005"
			defines	{"_CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE" }

		configuration "windows"
			links { "ole32" }

		configuration "linux or bsd"
			defines     { "LUA_USE_POSIX", "LUA_USE_DLOPEN" }
			links       { "m" }
			linkoptions { "-rdynamic" }

		configuration "linux"
			links       { "dl" }

		configuration "macosx"
			defines     { "LUA_USE_MACOSX" }
			links       { "CoreServices.framework" }

		configuration { "macosx", "gmake" }
			buildoptions { "-mmacosx-version-min=10.4" }
			linkoptions  { "-mmacosx-version-min=10.4" }

		configuration { "solaris" }
			linkoptions { "-Wl,--export-dynamic" }

-- A more thorough cleanup.

	if _ACTION == "clean" then

-- Use the --to=path option to control where the project files get generated. I use
-- this to create project files for each supported toolset, each in their own folder,
-- in preparation for deployment.

	newoption {
		trigger = "to",
		value   = "path",
		description = "Set the output location for the generated files"

-- Use the embed action to convert all of the Lua scripts into C strings, which
-- can then be built into the executable. Always embed the scripts before creating
-- a release build.


	newaction {
		trigger     = "embed",
		description = "Embed scripts in scripts.c; required before release builds",
		execute     = doembed

-- Use the release action to prepare source and binary packages for a new release.
-- This action isn't complete yet; a release still requires some manual work.


	newaction {
		trigger     = "release",
		description = "Prepare a new release (incomplete)",
		execute     = dorelease
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