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cleaning up for style, adding rockhoward to AUTHORS.txt

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File AUTHORS.txt

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 Didier Deshommes for contributing a fix for #58
 Alexander Ljungberg for fixing a bug in the default behavior of `update`
 Gareth Rushgrove for plugging a hole in the JSON callback facility
-Matt Cordes for expanding on the rc.* facilities
+Matt Cordes for expanding on the rc.* facilities
+Rock Howard for improving form validation behavior

File piston/utils.py

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         form = v_form(getattr(request, operation))
         if form.is_valid():
-            setattr( request, 'form', form )
+            setattr(request, 'form', form)
             return f(self, request, *a, **kwa)
             raise FormValidationError(form)