Antonio Cuni  committed 485bd02

add a py3k_skip helper, for tests which can be skipped now on py3k, but should be fixed sooner or later

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File pypy/

 def pytest_configure(config):
     global option
     option = config.option
+    def py3k_skip(message):
+        py.test.skip('[py3k] %s' % message)
+    py.test.py3k_skip = py3k_skip
 def _set_platform(opt, opt_str, value, parser):
     from pypy.config.translationoption import PLATFORMS

File pypy/objspace/std/test/

         assert == [1, 2]
     def test_keys_on_string_int_dict(self):
+        py.test.py3k_skip("StringDictStrategy not supported yet")
         w =
         w_d =
         w_d.initialize_content([(w(1), w("a")), (w(2), w("b"))])