Antonio Cuni committed 8868ac4

add an applevel py3k_skip, and py3k_skip some multidict tests

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     space.setitem(space.builtin.w_dict, space.wrap('skip'),
+    space.setitem(space.builtin.w_dict, space.wrap('py3k_skip'),
+                  space.wrap(appsupport.app_py3k_skip))
     space.raises_w = appsupport.raises_w.__get__(space)
     space.eq_w = appsupport.eq_w.__get__(space)
     return space


         assert space.eq_w(w_d.getitem_str("b"), space.w_None)
     def test_listview_str_dict(self):
+        py.test.py3k_skip("StringDictStrategy not supported yet")
         w =
         w_d =
         assert == ["a", "b"]
     def test_listview_int_dict(self):
+        py.test.py3k_skip("IntDictStrategy not supported yet")
         w =
         w_d =
         w_d.initialize_content([(w(1), w("a")), (w(2), w("b"))])
         return r[r.find("(") + 1: r.find(")")]
     def test_empty_to_string(self):
+        py3k_skip("StringDictStrategy not supported yet")
         d = {}
         assert "EmptyDictStrategy" in self.get_strategy(d)
         d["a"] = 1


 app_skip = gateway.interp2app_temp(pypyskip)
+def py3k_pypyskip(space, w_message): 
+    """skip a test at app-level. """ 
+    msg = space.unwrap(w_message) 
+    py.test.skip('[py3k] %s' % msg)
+app_py3k_skip = gateway.interp2app_temp(py3k_pypyskip)
 def raises_w(space, w_ExpectedException, *args, **kwds):
         excinfo = py.test.raises(OperationError, *args, **kwds)
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