mattip committed e2357d1

fix exception, add test that proves the exception cannot be raised without crashing pypy

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                        WAIT_OBJECT_0 WAIT_TIMEOUT INFINITE
+                       ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE
             locals()[name] = rffi_platform.ConstantInteger(name)
         handle = _get_osfhandle(fd)
         if handle == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE:
-            raise WindowsError(errno.EBADF, "Invalid file handle")
+            raise WindowsError(ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE, "Invalid file handle")
         return handle
     def build_winerror_to_errno():


+from pypy.rlib import rwin32
+from pypy.tool.udir import udir
+def test_get_osfhandle():
+    fid = open(str(udir.join('validate_test.txt')), 'w')
+    fd = fid.fileno()
+    rwin32.get_osfhandle(fd)
+    fid.close()
+    raises(OSError, rwin32.get_osfhandle, fd)
+    rwin32.get_osfhandle(0)
+def test_get_osfhandle_raising():
+    #try to test what kind of exception get_osfhandle raises w/out fd validation
+    skip('Crashes python')
+    fid = open(str(udir.join('validate_test.txt')), 'w')
+    fd = fid.fileno()
+    fid.close()
+    def validate_fd(fd):
+        return 1
+    _validate_fd = rwin32.validate_fd
+    rwin32.validate_fd = validate_fd
+    raises(WindowsError, rwin32.get_osfhandle, fd)
+    rwin32.validate_fd = _validate_fd
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