GPS Task List

An Android task management application. The tasks can be linked to a location (using GPS), and the user will be reminded when he's close to the specified location.


  • Create and manage tasks – Tasks can have a name, icon, description, start date and time, and related location.
  • Mark tasks as done on completion (will appear crossed in the list).
  • Create new locations to be used later (by GPS).
  • Manage a list of locations.
  • The sound and message notifications for each reminder.
  • The application runs a service in the background that tracks the GPS location and notifies the user when he's close to a location with assigned tasks.
  • All data is stored in an SQLite database, accessed using a cursor, and displayed in the main activity using CursorAdapter.

Warning: The GPS will be active while the application service is running - drains battery.

Written By: Anton Nechaev, Arkadi Viner, Yuri Prezument.

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