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L.A. Noire Movie In Hindi Hd Free Download


Amid the post-war boom of Hollywood's Golden Age, Cole Phelps is an LAPD detective thrown headfirst into a city drowning in its own success. Corruption is rampant, the drug trade is exploding, and murder rates are at an all-time high. In his fight to climb the ranks and do what's right, Phelps must unravel the truth behind a string of arson attacks, racketeering conspiracies and brutal murders, battling the L.A. underworld and even members of his own department to uncover a secret that could shake the city to its rotten core.
Cole Phelps served in the Marine Corp. during World War 2. Now he finds himself as a detective serving in the Los Angeles Police Department, and faced against LA's most dangerous criminals, rapists, kidnappers, drug dealers, and even his own haunting past.
LA Noire&#39;s general premise is noticeably similar to those of its GTA sibling: it&#39;s a sort of open-world action game where you walk, talk to someone else, driving cars to various destinations, even at points of &#39;hijacking&#39; other vehicle...well, nothing we had never seen in GTA.<br/><br/>But is LA Noire really worth it to look at? Does the game have the bravery to stand out of the shadow of its superior brother? Fortunately, Rockstar do bring some refreshments, for they don&#39;t solely copycat the gangster style into a raw concept. Noire puts you as a police officer in charge of solving various cases, interrogate suspects, witnesses, until finding the real culprits, the procedures like the ones you&#39;ll find in, say, CSI series, with the addition of - being an open-world game - more freedom of movement of course. There are some shootout scenes too, not too intense indeed, but we&#39;re talking no Max Payne here.<br/><br/>One distinctive feature of LA Noire is the adaptation of facial motion scan. Simply said, the characters you play and meet have very lifelike facial expressions. Sure, they are modeled after real actors, but the motion scan does make the difference - you won&#39;t believe that you&#39;re playing a video game rather than watching a movie. The environments - cars, buildings, world objects - are beautifully rendered as well.<br/><br/>Speaking of storyline, LA Noire has an enjoyable one. You don&#39;t just chase some crooks, apprehend them, and go for another...there&#39;s more than that. Remember that I made some comparisons to CSI series? You got it, this game has some significant mixture of drama. Betrayal, romance, sadness, desperation..those kind of things...not very deep, but nicely put though.<br/><br/>Sound is good. Personally I am no audiophile, but generally LA Noire has nothing to complain about sounds: not bad, and not remarkable either. Oh, and plus you got some nice tracks to give you more taste of how life in 1940s sounded like.<br/><br/>So, yes, I&#39;m here to conform to other gamers that LA Noire is a great game. But you may wonder as why do I think this game as a great one with mistaken identity? We should not forget that LA Noire is an open world game, like other Rockstar games. My guess is, the biggest point of any open-world game is, there is still plenty to do after finishing the main storyline. Free roaming is one thing, but there should be more. Again, making a comparison to GTA series, finishing the main story is just a small part of the game, it might even takes longer to finish side missions than the main game.<br/><br/>Honestly, how many extra hours you&#39;re willing to spend for Noire after you finish the story? Right, if you&#39;re still thirsty for some chase-and-shoot things after the main game finishes, you can play about 40s extra side missions in forms of street cases scattered around the city.<br/><br/>Well, in my experience, at first, they&#39;re enjoyable, but as I played, I realized how boring these missions eventually became. They are highly repetitive: chase, shoot, apprehend or kill, done; the formula is obvious. If you choose to stop before you finish all the street cases, that shouldn&#39;t be too surprising, really, just like I didn&#39;t. More deeply interrogations? More clue searching? Nowhere to be found this time. The FMV scenes are no less boring: you call the office after finishing one case, then you just get the hell out of there for another one.<br/><br/>Oh, let&#39;s go back to the main story for a while. Being an open world, do you think you can choose which case you pick the first before others, well, like GTA? Forget it. The story has a strict linear gameplay, a rather oddity for an open-world game. This has been loosened up in street cases where you can pick the case you want first (well, not that FREE though), but it is best saying that, LA Noire&#39;s free roaming is only the matter of which road you take on the way to destination, and whether you want to go slowly or speedily. To make it clear, the free roaming mode in this game is somehow pointless, since nothing much to do in town other than collecting somehow bizarre items and photos. No restaurant or stores to visit, you can&#39;t buy clothes, shoes, or food (other than you have unlocked), let alone playing in casinos or shoot some pools - well OK, maybe I&#39;ve gone too far for expecting that.<br/><br/>WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER AHEAD! YOU SHOULDN&#39;T READ BEFORE FINISHING THE MAIN GAME! Oh, and you know, what makes those extra missions even more ridiculous? The ending. Yup, I hate the fact that our character, Cole Phelps, is dead in the end. OK, the ending may not be so bad, many games do that, but considering that you&#39;d STILL play the very same character after finishing the story?? How come? Or do Rockstar want to tell us that the character is not actually dead? Or the Missions are just flashbacks of events when Phelps was still alive? The answers are nowhere to be found. We&#39;re just guessing and guessing...<br/><br/>In the end let&#39;s make it clear: LA Noire is a great action game, good storyline and beautiful graphics are truly the strong points. Unfortunately, Rockstar had pushed it too far by making it an open world game where in fact it just couldn&#39;t qualify as a decent one. If those pointless half-baked open-world gameplay elements were cut, it would surely score perfect. A sequel should be great, but I really hope that Rockstar would give it the right identity.
When I went to read some of peoples comments, I was astonished that many people disliked this game. I thought that this was one of my most favorite/fun game I have played in a long long long time. The acting was great, with over five different actors from Mad Men. The scenery and story was very cool and fun. There were only a couple of parts that were boring, but that was it for me. This game comes with three discs of the same game. I have enjoyed every second of it. I finished the game in six days five months ago, and now I have decided to replay the game. If you miss a clue or screw up an instigation, your result could be different each time. This game takes place during the 40s, post world war II. We follow Cole Phelps, a world war II vet who is now a cop and is moving from rank to rank on the police force.<br/><br/>SOme of the murders are harrowing, with naked women and some peoples faces are torn apart. But, you can have a selection to skip this if needed. <br/><br/>This game might need some getting used to, but when you do, you just can not stop. I love it.


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