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A small jQuery plugin to display messages in the form of text bubbles. It’s not fully developed yet and is something I’m working on in my spare time.

To use primiBubble just execute:


The supported options are:

Option Values Description
bounce true/false Enable/disable the animation (bounce) of the parent element.
message string The message that will be displayed.
position 'auto'/{left: 'px', top: 'px'} The absolute position of the bubble. Can be 'auto' OR object: { left: '0px', top: '0px'}. If is set to 'auto' then the position is calculated based on the parent element and the arrow option.*
arrow 'side/top/bottom left/right' The position of the bubble arrow. It's a combination of 'side/top/bottom' and 'left/right' eg: 'side left'.
clickToClose true/false If the user must click on the bubble in order to remove it.
time ''/number Remove the bubble automatically after the given time (ms). Set to empty string to disable automatic remove of the bubble.

The default options are:

      bounce: false,  
      message : 'This is a helpful primiBubble',
      position : 'auto', 
      arrow : 'side left', 
      clickToClose : false, 
      time : 10000 

*Bubble position

If position:'auto' then the position of the bubble is calculated as such:

  • check the arrow option to get the desired position of the bubble relative to the parent
    • if arrow contains 'side' then the bubble should be beside the parent element (left or right, depends on what option arrow is set to)
    • if arrow contains 'top' then the bubble should be below the parent element
    • if arrow contains 'bottom' then the bubble should be over the parent element
  • calculate the absolute position based on the left/top offset and the width/height of the parent element and the width/height of the bubble element