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Private Detective Agency in India

National Detectives is the best private investigator in India. It was established in 1997 and since then, National Detective served their investigation services to over 700 thousand people. National Detective's Headquarter based in Delhi. It is the biggest private detective network in India with over 6500+ Private investigators all over nation. Currently it is run by Mr Rupesh Tiwari.

National Detective Services

  1. Pre Matrimonial investigation : As internet is booming in India, more and more people searching their mates from online marriage portals. Most of people makes fake profiles their and provide incorrect information. Here National Detectives helped hundreds of thousands of families by investigating people's background. We Proudly saved hundreds of lives from fraud people.

  2. Post Matrimonial Investigation : Most of couples have busy schedule as world is moving so fast. Couples have less time for each other as they are busy in manage home and earning living. During this time, they came to contact with strangers and after sometime, spouse starting cheating. This will bring trouble in married life and disturb everything. National Detectives already helped thousands of people from being destroying their lives by alarming couples about the affairs so that they can take appropriate actions in timely manner before it get too late. In 70% cases, Couples having only doubt and they don't have any affairs. But after getting truth, their life came back to normal and they live in peace.

National Detectives Offers many other services such as Teenager monitoring, Shadowing, Loyalty Test and Business Investigation services as well. National Investigators serve their services all over India and Covers all Cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Agra, Bangalore , Noida, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and so on.