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#Script Extensions Repository#


The work in this repository is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit the official license site. All the extensions and code available are presented "as-is". Use of the code and extensions applies no liability to the developer or creator of said code.

Community Script Extensions

The purpose of this repository is to create a space to store the source code for script extensions that I (and others) develop during the course of conversations and solutions on the SmartBear support community for TestComplete. If you wish to be able to contribute, please contact Robert Martin.

Currently, there are three extensions available here. Click on the hyperlink for each extension to go to the documentation for the extension. Download links for the extensions are available either at the Downloads page for the repository or individually on each extensions documentation page:

  • IndicatorTimer - This script extension displays an elapsed time in the indicator while a test is running
  • MusicBox - This is simply a fun extension, not really part of any test functionality, that will play any properly formatted song using the PC Speaker
  • SQLUtilities - This extension gives a few utilities for executing SQL Queries
  • ogreUtils - This extensions is a catch all for any other functions that may be useful in automation projects


If you are using any of these extensions and run into problems, or perhaps you have an idea of how to improve one, or you have an idea for a new extension for someone to create, please visit the issues page. There, you can create new issues as either bugs, enhancements, or proposals. You can see what others have suggested/requested, and you can vote on them to increase the priority of what you would like to see done.