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Holocore / Intents


Holocore operates almost entirely on something called Intents. An Intent is a simple class that conveys a particular piece of information, and is broadcasted throughout the server to anyone who is listening for it. Two primary kinds of intents are ones that contain a status update of some kind, and another is requesting that some other service do a task.

Some Examples of status update intents:

  • GalacticPacketIntent - for packets originating from the client
  • ServerStatusIntent - for updates to the server status, such as "OPEN" or "LOCKED"

Some Examples of command intents:

  • ObjectTeleportIntent - for requesting an object be teleported
    • Additional information: ObjectAwareness listens for this intent and handles the teleportation in a safe way to avoid crashes
  • CloseConnectionIntent - for requesting a player be disconnected
    • Additional information: NetworkClientManager listens for this intent and closes the connection