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.TH circuits.bench 1 "Jun 2011" "circuits 1.6" "User Commands"
circuits.bench \- simple benchmaking of the circuits library
.B circuits.bench
circuits.bench does some simple benchmaking of the circuits library.
\fB-b\fR \fIaddress:[port]\fR
Bind to address:[port] (UDP) to test remote events. Default address is
\fB-c\fR \fIinteger\fR
Set concurrency level to \fIinteger\fR. Default is 1.
Enable debug mode.
\fB-e\fR \fInumber\fR
Stop after specified \fInumber\fR of events. Default is 0.
\fB-f\fR \fInumber\fR
\fInumber\fR of dummy events to fill queue with. Default is 0.
Listen on (UDP) to test remote events.
\fB-m\fR \fImode\fR
Set operation mode. \fImode\fR can be \fIlatency\fR, \fIspeed\fR or \fIsync\fR.
Default \fImode\fR is \fIspeed\fR.
\fB-o\fR \fIformat\fR
Specify output format.
For example \fIformat\fR can be:"cicuits.bench: events:%s, speed:%s, time:%s"
Enable execution profiling support.
Suppress output.
Enable psyco (circuits on speed!) if it is available.
\fB-t\fR \fIseconds\fR
Stop after specified elapsed \fIseconds\fR.
Wait for remote nodes to connect.
Output version information and exit.
James Mills <>
This manual page was written by Daniele Tricoli <>, for the
Debian project (but may be used by others).