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 .. _Python Programming Language:
-.. _circuits IRC Channel: irc://
+.. _#circuits IRC Channel:
+.. _FreeNode IRC Network:
 .. _Python Standard Library:
-.. _circuits Website:
-.. _circuits Page on PyPI:
-.. _circuits Read the Docs:
+.. _Website:
+.. _PyPi Page:
+.. _Read the Docs:
 .. _MIT License:
 .. _Create an Issue:
-.. _circuits Mailing List:
-.. _circuits Downloads page:
+.. _Mailing List:
+.. _Downloads page:
 and much of the component library that circuits ships with are implemented
 as composed components.
-- **Documentation**: or `circuits Read the Docs`_.
+- **Documentation**: or `Read the Docs`_.
 - **Project website**:
 - **PyPI page**:
     > easy_install circuits
 Alternatively, you may download the source package from the
-`circuits Page on PyPI`_ or the `circuits Downloads page`_ on the
-`circuits Website`_; extract it and install using::
+`PyPi Page`_ or the `Downloads page`_ on the
+`Website`_; extract it and install using::
     > python install
 There is also a small community of circuits enthusiasts that you may
-find on the `circuits IRC Channel`_ and the `circuits Mailing List`_.
+find on the `#circuits IRC Channel`_ on the `FreeNode IRC Network`_
+and the `Mailing List`_.