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-circuits-2.0.1 yyyymmdd ()
+circuits-2.0.1 20121124
 - Fixed ``tests/web/`` which was badly written.
 - Fixed a regression test testing the Debugger component
-Release Notes - circuits-2.0.1 ()
+Release Notes - circuits-2.0.1
+Minor release fixing a few bugs found whilst testing on FreeBSD.
+For a full list of changes for this release see the `Change Log <>`_.

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 .. include:: ../../CHANGES
+circuits-2.0.0 20121122 (cheetah)
+- Fixed circuits.web entry point
+- Fixed `tools.reprhandler()` for compatibility with Python-3.3
+- Added ``*channels`` support to waitEvent
+- Added example of using .call
+- Fixed logic around firing the Daemonize event when registering this component during run-time and after start-up
+- Fixed use of reprhandler
+- Fixed listening channel for exceptions/errors.
+- Fixed channels for Log event.
+- Fixed config loading. Fire a Ready event when the Environment is completely ready.
+- Added .items(...) method to Config component.
+- Added BaseEvent, LiteralEvent, DerivedEvent to the core and circuits name-spaces
+- Fixed IRC protocol
+- Added has_option to Config component
+- Avoid error if user un-registers a component twice.
+- Fixed base_url for WebConsole
+- Fixed bug with sending Response for a Expect: 100-continue (Closes issue #32)
+- Added a new circuits.web test that ensures that large posts > 1024 bytes work
+- Updated conf so that doc can be built even if circuits isn't installed
+- Updated reference of guide to howtos
+- Updated man headers so that they weren't all "Components"
+- Fixed all web dispatcher tests
+- Fixed XMLRPC dispatcher. Must have a higher priority than the "default" dispatcher in order to coexist with it.
+- Fixed unit test for failure response from web *component* (component's handler must have higher priority than default dispatcher if default dispatcher exists). 
+- Added failure test for web *controller*.
+- Fixed JSON dispatcher. Must have a higher priority than the "default" dispatcher in order to coexist with it.
+- Fixed vpath traversal. vpath created in reverse ("test_args/1/2/3" became "3/2/1/test_args").
+- Fixed evaluation of the Complete event: exclude events fired by other threads during event processing from the set of events to be tracked.
+- Don't call tick on components that are waiting to be unregistered.
+- Using new PrepareUnregister event to reliably remove sockets from poller.
+- Fixes for PrepareUnregister and added test case.
+- Added event that informs components about going to be removed from the tree.
+- Fixed client request generation (MUST include Host header).
+- Fixed channel naming in web.Client to allow several clients (i.e. connections to web sites) to coexist in an application.
+- Prevented uncameling of event names that represent web requests. Handlers can now use the last path segment unmodified as handled event's name.
+- Fixed the new dispatcher with new tests
+- Fixed bug in complete event generation.
+- Added optional event signaling the completion of an event and everything that has been caused by it.
+- Added the possibility to redirect the success events to other channels.
+- Updated documentation to reflect the new "handler suspend" feature.
+- Replaced web dispatcher with simpler version
+- Added support for x = yield self.callEvent(...)
+- Made test_main more reliable
+- Removed old BaseManager from playing with GreenletManager. Fixed test_manager_repr
+- Fixed the exceptions being thrown for test_eval, but the test still fails
+- Added a new failing test - evaluation of promised values
+- Removed superfluous .value in test_longwait
+- Added support for alllowing future handlers to have a "special" event parameter just like ordinary handlers.
+- Fixed test_success
+- Fixed test_removeHandler
+- Added support for firing Done() and Success() after all done executing.
+- Fixed callEvent
+- Added 2 failing tests for yield
+- Implemented promises which we detect for in circuits.web in cases where an event handler yields. Also only fire _success events after an event is well and truly finished (in the case of yielding event handlers)
+- Fixed a bug with value not being set
+- Fixed Issue #26
+- Added capability of waiting for a specific event name on a specific channel.
+- Fixed bug guarding  against tasks already removed.
+- Implemented Component.init() support whereby one can define an alternative init() without needing to remember to call super(...)
+- Fixed Python 3 compatibility with Unicode strings
+- Added 99bottles as an example of concurrency. See:
+- Removed old-style channel targeting
+- Fixed and tested UDP forwarding
+- Simplified udpclient example
+- Implemented new version of port forwarded. TCP tested.
+- Fixed Read events for UDPServer by setting .notify to True.
+- Restructured the only How To Guide - Building a Simple Server
+- Renamed _get_request_handler to just find_handler
+- Removed channels attribute from WebEvents (fix for issue #29).
+- Added Eclipse configuration files.
+- Fixed uses of deprecated syntax in app.config
+- Modified the defaults for channels. Set channels to event.channels, otherwise defaulting to *
+- Fixed uses of deprecated syntax in env
+- Fixed a bug with the Redirect event/error in circuits.web where it didn't handle Unicode strings
+- fixed the web dispatcher
+- Fixed test_poller_reuse test by using the now findtype() utility function
+- fixed and adds tests for the web dispatcher
+- Moved parseBody out into circuits.web.utils. Other code cleanup
+- Added a test for a bug with the dispatcher mehere found.
+- Removed itercmp() function. Added findtype() findchannel() and used better variable names. findcmp is an alias of findtype.
+- Implemented optional singleton support for components
+- Removed the circuits.web `routes` dispatcher as there are no tests for this and Routes dispatcher is broken - re implement at a later stage
+- Removal of End feedback event
+- Fixed web/
+- Fixed web futures test
+- Simplified and fixed a lot of issues the circuits.bench
+- Fixed circuits.web's exceptions tests and handling of exceptions.
+- Fixed a potential bug with ``circuits.web.wsgi.Application``.
+- Modified Manager to only assign a handler return value if it is not None.
+- Fixed ``*_success`` and ``*_failure`` events fire on ``*event.channels`` so they go to the right place as expected. Fixed Issue #21
+- Removed event equality test and related tests. Seems rather useless and inconsistently used
+- Fixed test_gzip circuits.web test. We no longer have a Started event feedback so have to use a filter
+- Fixed a corner case where one might be trying to compare an event object with a non-event object
+- Fixed the event handling for circuits.web WebSockets Component by separating out the WebSockets handling from the HTTP handling (WebSocketsMediator).
+- Fixed use of Value notification in circuits.web for requests.
+- Fixed a bunch of examples and tests using deprecated features.
+- Fixed the notify io driver and removed Debugger() from test_notify.
+- Added man pages for circuits.bench, circuits.sniff and circuits.web
+- Wrapped UNIX-specific calls in try/except
+- Tidied up examples and removed unused imports
+- removed use of coverage module in daemon test
+- removed use of coverage module in signals test
+- updated .push calls to .fire calls
+- Fixed some deprecations warnings
+- Added support for multiple webserver with different channels + tests for it
+- Added support for silently ignoring  errors when writing to stderr from debugger
+- Added requirements.txt file containing requirements for building docs on
+- Added link to Read the Docs for circuits
+- Updated doc message for success event
+- Fixed interrupt handler to allow ^C to be used to quit sample keyecho app
+- Removed deprecated modules and functions that were deprecated 1.6
+- Deleted old style event success/failure notifiers
+- Fixed handling of components being added/removed when looking for ticks
+- Fixed bug with ``net.Server`` .host and .port attributes.
+- Deprecated ``__tick__``. Event handlers can now be specified as **tick** functions.
+- Fixed handler priority inheritance to make sure we get the results in the right harder
+- Fixed missing import of sys in
 circuits-1.6 (oceans) - 20110626