James Mills avatar James Mills committed fd66935

Fixed ``tests/web/test_main.py`` which was badly written.

Thanks to koobs for helping identify this issue while creating BSD ports for
circuits. As it turns out, this test was written mixing Theads and
Sub-Processes which is really evil.

See: http://www.linuxprogrammingblog.com/threads-and-fork-think-twice-before-using-them

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 import pytest
 from time import sleep
-from threading import Thread
+from subprocess import Popen
 from errno import ECONNREFUSED
-from subprocess import Popen
 from circuits.net.sockets import UDPServer, Close
 from .helpers import urlopen, URLError, HTTPError
-SERVER_CMD = ["python", "-m", "circuits.web.main"]
 def find_free_port():
     server = UDPServer(0)
     return port
-class Server(Thread):
-    def __init__(self, *args):
-        super(Server, self).__init__()
-        self.args = list(args)
-        self.setDaemon(True)
-    def run(self):
-        self.process = Popen(SERVER_CMD + self.args)
-    def stop(self):
-        self.process.terminate()
-        self.process.wait()
 def test():
     port = find_free_port()
-    server = Server("-b", "" % port)
-    server.start()
+    p = Popen(["python", "-m", "circuits.web.main", "-b", "" % port])
     s = f.read()
     assert s == b"Hello World!"
-    server.stop()
+    p.terminate()
+    p.wait()
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