James Mills avatar James Mills committed fe3965b

- tmp: Completed experimental sum_primes example (testing concurrency and
distributed computing with circuits).

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 #!/usr/bin/env python
-import sys
 import math
-from circuits import Component, Pool, Task
+from circuits import Component, Debugger, Event, Pool, Task
 def isprime(n):
     """Returns True if n is prime and False otherwise"""
         i += 1
     return True
-def sum_primes(n):
-    """Calculates sum of all primes below given integer n"""
-    return sum([x for x in xrange(2, n) if isprime(x)])
-x = sum_primes(100)
+class SumPrimes(Event):
+    """Sum Primes Event"""
+    channel = "sum_primes"
+class App(Component):
+    def __init__(self):
+        super(App, self).__init__()
+        self._sum = 0
+        self._results = []
+        self._pool = Pool()
+    def check(self, value):
+        if value.result and value:
+            self._sum += value.event.args[1]
+    def sum_primes(self, n):
+        for x in xrange(n):
+            e = Task(isprime, x)
+            v = self.push(e, target=self._pool)
+            v.onSet = "check", self
+            self.results.append(v)
+app = App() + Debugger()
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