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Release Notes

Code Coverage

Code Coverage and Tests need a special section this release. This is the first release where circuits now has the following coverage:

  • Python-2.6: 77%
  • Python-2.5: 76%

We're well on our way to 100% !!!


  • circuits.app: Revamped environment, config and logger components
  • circuits.net: socket module cleanup.
    • API Changes:
      • Keyword argument ssl changed to secure
      • Attribute ssl changed to ssl
  • circuits.app: Allow the Daemon Component to daemonize an application by simply registering it but only if the application is already running.
  • circuits.app: Import Log Event to circuits.app namespace
  • circuits.core: Cosmetic changes to poller components. Base Poller renamed from _Poller to BasePoller
  • circuits.core: Added new function utils.itercmp which returns an iterator that matches the given component.
  • circuits.net: Added a new Event Closed for Server components which gets sent when the listening socket has closed.
  • circuits.net: Added a _on_stopped event handler to close all client connections on a Server Component and close the connection on a Client Component when the system is terminated.
  • circuits.net: Streamline host and port methods.
  • circuits.web: Streamline host and port methods.

In both cases, the host attribute always returns socket.getsockname()[0]

  • circuits.core: Make default TIMEOUT 10ms This is the timeout period when we have no running Tick Functions.
  • scripts: Added circuits.bench, circuits.sniff and circuis.web scripts which are installed by distutils. circuits.web still gets installed by setuptools.
  • circuits.core: Add an on_ready event handler for the Bridge and set an attribute _bridge on the component being started in "process mode" so we can check whether it's ready or not via the ready attribute on the Bridge instnace.
  • Makefile: Added graph rule using snakefood and ghostscript to produce a PDF of the architecture of the circuits library.
  • circuits.core: Make chop attribute work for when we're logging to a logger
  • circuits.web: Set the Content-Type to "application/json" for all JSONController responses.
  • circuits.web: Allow HTTP status message to be customized so implementing WebSockets is a little eaiser.
  • circuits.web: Don't presume to add a "Content-Type" header.
  • circuits.tools: Added a new helper function tryimport which given a list of modules to try and import and an optional message; will try to import each module returning the first successful one. If none of the modules can be improted, a warning is useed with the optional message.
  • circuits.web: Restructured dispatchers. circuits.web.dispatchers is now it's own package.
  • circuits.web: NEW WebSockets dispatcher.
  • circuits.web: Raise a RuntimeError exception if when trying to create an instance of the JSONRPC dispatcher we have no "json" support.
  • circuits.web: Raise a RuntimeError exception if when trying to create an instance of the Routes dispatcher we have no "routes" support.
  • circuits.web: Added support for passing body and headers to Request event
  • circuits.web: Only close the connection if Connection header has the value "close" for the Client.
  • circuits.web: Added a _on_write event handler to Client to allow direct writing to the underlying transport (eg: from a WebSockets client).

Bug Fixes

  • circuits.net: Fixed a bug when if we try to initiate a connection on a disconnected socket (eg: TCPClient) we get EBADF or EINVAL.
  • circuits.core: Fixed a bug with Event Handler Inheritence where overridden Event Handlers were not being picked up properly.
  • circuits.core: Fixed a minor bug in @future decorator where it wasn't passing the correct channel and was starting non-pooled futures as processes instead.