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== 1.0a2 ==
 Released:: 20081120 (''20th November 2008'')
 Revision:: [200]

=== Documentation ===
 * Documentation Improvements: See: [wiki:docs Documentation]
 * Documentation moved to Trac (''Dropped use of Sphinx''). #1

=== NEW ===
 * Basic WSGI Support:
 * Added in [115]
 * Improved in [174]
 * In [143]: [source:circuits/tools/ tools.sniffer]: Added sniffer tool used to debug/sniff Events of another system that has an instnace of the [source:circuits/ Bridge] Component.
 * In [128]: [source:circuits/lib/ lib.web]: Addded very simple FileServer Component
 * In [126]: [source:circuits/lib/ lib.http]: Added traceback support to sendError for more meaningful HTTP Errors.
 * In [118]: [source:circuits/lib/ lib.web]: Added very very simple Logger to log requests (''prints to stderr'').

=== Enhancements ===
 * In [184]: [source:circuits/ debugger]: If logger is not None, treat it as a logging.Logger instance and log incoming events as debug messages.
 * In [183]: [source:circuits/ debugger]: Removed useless methods - Juset set enabled attribute appropiately.
 * In [168]: [source:circuits/lib/ lib.http]: Removed _Request.__call__ in favor of {{{process()}}} followed by {{{str(response)}}}
 * In [163]: [source:circuits/lib/ lib.web]: Better consistent docroot settings. docroot is __always__ the current path unless explicitly set.
 * In [150], [151]: [source:circuits/lib/ lib.irc]: Added nick property to IRC Component. Setting a new nick causes a new nick to be sent to the connected server. Also set our own record of our nick when ircNICK is called.

=== Fixes ===
 * In [192]: [source:circuits/lib/ lib.web]: Fix registration and polling to work independantly within other Systems and Components. ie: The run() method doesn't have to be utilized.
 * In [175]: [source:circuits/lib/ lib.http]: Fixed bug on Content-Length header in HTTP Component ensuring the value is a str. Required by WSGI.
 * In [164]: [source:circuits/lib/ lib.http]: Fixed a bug in HTTP Component where body could be None (''due to caching'').
 * In [149]: [source:circuits/lib/ lib.irc]: Fixed a bug in IRC Component where writing to client failed.
 * In [131]: [source:circuits/lib/ lib.config]: Fixed getint, getfloat and getboolean functions to call their respective super counterparts.
 * In [122]: [source:circuits/lib/ lib.web]: Print Server version and tell user where we're listening.
 * In [117]: [source:circuits/lib/ lib.web]: Fixed cookie support.

=== Examples ===

==== New ====
 * In [159]: [source:examples/ examples/]: Added (Distributed) Prime Number finder example
 * In [148]: [source:examples/ examples/]: Added simple IRC Bot example
 * In [116]: [source:examples/simpleweb.wsgi examples/simpleweb.wsgi]: Added simple WSGI example using the new WSGI support.
 * In [146]: [source:examples/ examples/]: Added simple event client example demonstrating the Bridge Component and basic request/reponse
 * In [145]: [source:examples/ examples/]: Added simple event server example demonstrating the Bridge Component and basic request/reponse
 * In [140]: [source:examples/ examples/]: Added simple timers example showing the use of the Timer Component

==== Updated ====
 * In [158]: [source:examples/ examples/]: Greatly simplified and documented
 * In [157], [156]: [source:examples/ examples/]: Greatly simplified and documented

== 1.0a1 ==
 Released:: 2008-11-06
 Revision:: [112]

First official release.
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