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== General ==

=== How do you use circuits? ===
 * Have you read the website ?
 * Have you looked at the various examples ?


=== What is circuits ? ===
 * circuits is an event-driven framework with a high focus on Component architectures making your life as a software developer much easier
 * circuits allows you to write maintainable and scalable systems easily

=== Would you consider writing networking based programs using circuits versus [ Twisted matrix ] ? ===
 * YES absolutely. I always have.

Twisted (''to be perfectly honest'') is:
 * Complicated
 * Hard to understand
 * Not light weight

circuits is:
 * Simple
 * Consistent
 * Robust
 * Easy to understand
 * Very light weight.

=== GUI programming: Would circuits integrate with some GUI frameworks ? ===
 * This is definitely possible.
 * Currently I have no adapters for any GUI frameworks. but please feel free to write and submit a Component :)

=== What are the concepts behind circuits ? ===
 a) Everything is a Component
 b) Components communicate by propagating Events

 * Components can be interlinked
 * Components are capable of managing their own Events and the Events of other Components.

=== How would you compare circuits to Twisted ? ===
 * circuits is simpler
 * circuits is maintainable
 * circuits has a nicer cleaner architecture: See [source:docs/graphs/ Dependency Graphs]
 * circuits is Component based.
 * circuits is purely 100% Event and asynchronous.

=== Can Components reside in different processes and talk to each others ? ===
 * YES
 * Currently in the works:
  * Process Component using the Python multiprocessing library.

=== Is there any restriction on the OS that circuits can run on ? ===
 * No. Although:
  * I only test on Linux and Mac OS X (''I don't have Windows to test on'').
 * Testers Welcome!

=== What version of Python does circuits work with ? ===
 * Currently circuits is tested with:
  * Python 2.5

=== Since circuits is an event-driven framework, how are you handling unit/integration tests ? ===

> I'm lead to understand that unit-testing with event-driven software is often difficult if actually possible.

> Are you using something akin to [ TwistedTrial] ?

> Are you running unit-tests across distributed test environments ?

 * circuits is not only a very good event-driven framework, but also a great Component framework.
 * Have a look at the [source:circuits/tests/ unit tests] that test the core of circuits.

=== Can circuits be used for concurrent or distributed programming ? ===

YES absolutely. See the [source:examples/ Distributed Prime number finder]

Got a question ?
 * Send an email to: circuits at shortcircuit dot net dot au
 * Post your question on this page.
 * Visit irc;//