kdb is a small pluggable IRC Bot framework utilizing the circuits Python Application Framework.

kdb was one of the first "test" applications written in circuits and is still maintained and kept up-to-date with new features and changes in circuits.

You may use kdb as a framework to build your own projects that use the IRC protocol. kdb itself comes with a suite of useful plugins and features. If you'd like to see it in action, feel free to get in touch with the developer James Mills (prologic) on the FreeNode IRC Network who resides in the #circuits channel.

kdb was created by and is primarily maintained by James Mills


$ pip install kdb


$ kdb irc.freenode.net

For other options:

$ kdb --help

Installation and Usage on Docker

kdb is now Docker ready and can be run with:

$ CID=$(docker run -d -p 8000:8000 -v $(pwd)/etc:/etc/kdb --name="kdb" prologic/kdb --config=/etc/kdb/kdb.ini)


Be sure to edit etc/kdb.ini or change the above line to suit your needs mounting the configuration directory from another path on your host.


kdb has a full complementary set of plugins available.

For a list of available plugins, see:


You may install the latest Development Version via:

$ pip install kdb==dev