Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Fixed Python 3 incompatibility in
Fixed Python 3 incompatibilities in
James Mills
Added tag 1.0.15 for changeset 2d8d97aaa3ab
James Mills
- Added Python 3 trove classifer:wq
James Mills
- Implemented forwards compatibility (trying to keep backwards compatibility
Adding revision number to the version string. There'll be a bit of a jump in the minor version number but now it'll be automatically kept up-to-date by Subversion
Fixed Issue 46
Changed the order of loading the package setup utilities
Updated version to 1.0.4
Merged fixes by Nelson Elhage
Added testing script and test data
Fixed issue 42. Graphviz's executable "sfdp" has been included in the list of executables to search for and will now be found if available.
-Updated main docstring
-Fixed script to not include the dot-underscore files in OSX (the resource fork) when building the tar.gz for distribution
Commiting pydot 1.0.2
Added the license and changelog files
Updated copyright date
Initial Import
Initial directory structure.