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Rémi Audebert
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Being able to remotely start quake on the contestant machine.

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  1. Rémi Audebert reporter

    I think of at least three issues once we are on the remote machine:

    1. We want to connect to the X server as the target user, and from the few tests I made the script should not be required anymore
    2. We want to know the display's name, it's usually :0 but we should avoid guessing it
    3. We want to access the dbus session of the user, that is the content of the DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS env variable

    So, 1. somehow solved itself in the past year, for 2. DISPLAY is stored in the systemd user process and is inherited by processes started by it and for 3. we can use machinectl shell.

    Here are a few working examples:

    # machinectl shell USERNAME@ /usr/bin/systemd-run --user /usr/bin/quake3 # Gets DISPLAY from systemd-run
    # machinectl shell USERNAME@ /usr/bin/notify-send 'Pour jouer à quake, cliquez ici' # Gets DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS from machinectl shell

    The next step is to validate theses commands and then write them into docs/source/cookbook.rst.

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