What is Stechec2

Stechec2 is a client-server turn-based strategy game match maker used during the French national computing contest. It is a complete rewrite of Stechec to achieve a simpler architecture.


Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2). For details see the files COPYING included with the Stechec2 distribution.


  • gcc >= 4.7
  • python
  • zeromq
  • zeromq C++ wrapper
  • google-gflags
  • googletest
  • gcovr (for code coverage reports)
  • ruby (only for the generators)
  • python-yaml

Arch Linux:

pacman --needed -S gcc zeromq gtest ruby python-yaml gflags pacaur -S gcovr


apt-get install build-essential libzmq3-dev libzmqpp-dev python-yaml ruby
libgtest-dev libgflags-dev gcovr


Let's assume you want to install stechec2 with the prologin2013 game, and then use it as a player.

Clone the stechec2 repository:

git clone
cd stechec2

Then put every game you want to install in games/:

for game in prologin{2012..2015}; do
  git clone${game}.git games/$game

A simple test game, tictactoe, is already installed in games/.

You can now configure the project using waf:

./ configure --with-games=tictactoe --prefix=/usr

Then build and install it:

./ build install

Archlinux: A PKGBUILD is available in pkg/stechec2: run makepkg && pacman -U stechec2-*.pkg.tar.xz.

Generate the player environment

To generate the player environment (different folders for each supported languages), you can use the stechec2-generator script installed by stechec2:

stechec2-generator player tictactoe player_env

Install languages dependencies


  • php (warning: you may need to add open_basedir=/ to your /etc/php/php.ini)
  • php-embed
  • ocaml
  • mono
  • jdk-java


pacman -S php php-embed ocaml mono jdk8-openjdk


apt-get install php5 php5-dev ocaml mono-devel openjdk-8-jdk

Create your AI

You should now be able to choose your favorite language folder and begin to code:

cd home_env/python/

To create a tarball containing all your source files (you can add some by editing the Makefile), do:

make tar

Launch a match

Launch a stechec2 server and as many stechec2 client as there are players is very painful and can be avoided easily. There is a wrapper called stechec2-run which runs everything you need in separate child processes, and only needs a tiny YAML configuration file to work.

A simple config.yml could be:

rules: /usr/lib/
map: ./
verbose: 3
  - ./
  - /path/to/other/
  - Player 1
  - Player 2

Then you can just launch the match easily:

stechec2-run config.yml

Add spectators

Spectators are players that don't take part of the game, but can watch its different states during the match (to display it or to log it, for instance).

Make sure to compile the spectators first:

cd /path/to/prologin2014/gui
cd /path/to/prologin2014/dumper

Then you just have to add those lines to the config.yml:

 - /path/to/prologin2014/gui/
 - /path/to/prologin2014/dumper/