Kirill Simonov avatar Kirill Simonov committed 37b446f

Minor fix in the build script for FreeBSD compatibility.

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 build/htraf: build/json-js build/jquery build/jquery-ui build/blockui build/jqplot
 	mkdir -p build/htraf
 	cp src/*.js src/*.css src/*.gif build/htraf
-	sed -i 's/\$$HTRAF_VER/${HTRAF_VER}/' build/htraf/htraf.js
+	sed 's/\$$HTRAF_VER/${HTRAF_VER}/' build/htraf/htraf.js >build/htraf/htraf.js.ver
+	mv build/htraf/htraf.js.ver build/htraf/htraf.js
 	mkdir -p build/htraf/lib
 	cat build/json-js/json2.js | ${JSMIN} > build/htraf/lib/json2.min.js
 	cp build/jquery/jquery.min.js build/htraf/lib/jquery.min.js
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