htsql / test / regress.yaml

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Kirill Simonov da46370 

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Kirill Simonov da46370 
# Copyright (c) 2006-2013, Prometheus Research, LLC

# This file contains the input data for HTSQL regression tests.
# To start the tests, run:
#   htsql-ctl regress -i test/regress.yaml
# from the project directory.
# For more information on the input and output data format, run
#   htsql-ctl help regress
# and
#   htsql-ctl help regress <case>

title: HTSQL regression tests
suite: all
- include: test/input/sqlite.yaml
- include: test/input/pgsql.yaml
- include: test/input/mysql.yaml
- include: test/input/oracle.yaml
- include: test/input/mssql.yaml
- include: test/input/routine.yaml
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