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htsql / AUTHORS

Kirill Simonov b8397d1 

Kirill Simonov b453c41 
Kirill Simonov b8397d1 

Clark C. Evans 85ba0c1 

List of Contributors

The primary authors of HTSQL are

    Clark C. Evans
    Kirill Simonov

This software includes contributions made by many individuals:

    Alexei Golovko
    Elena Komendantova
    Owen McGettrick
    Andrey Popp
    Eugenia Rudenko
    Andrey Sukhanov
    Charles H. Tirrell
    Alexey Voronoy
    Yuri Yerokhin

For exact contribution history, see the revision log available at
http://bitbucket.org/prometheus/htsql.  Third party contributions
are welcome upon receipt of the contributor license agreement.