Kirill Simonov avatar Kirill Simonov committed 00cc809

Updated pygments-based syntax highlighter for HTSQL to support locators.

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             (r'\'(?:[^\']|\'\')*\'', String),
              r'&|\||->|\?|\^|/|\*|\+|-', Operator),
-            (r'\.|,|\(|\)|\{|\}|\[|\]|:=|:|\$|@', Punctuation),
-        ]
+            (r'\.|,|\(|\)|\{|\}|:=|:|\$|@', Punctuation),
+            (r'\[', Punctuation, 'locator'),
+        ],
+        'locator': [
+            (r'\s+', Text),
+            (r'\(|\[', Punctuation, '#push'),
+            (r'\)|\]', Punctuation, '#pop'),
+            (r'[\w-]+', String),
+            (r'\'(?:[^\']|\'\')*\'', String),
+            (r'\.', Punctuation),
+        ],
     def get_tokens_unprocessed(self, text):
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