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added a few descriptions to plugins

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 class TweakAutolimitAddon(Addon):
     name = 'tweak.autolimit'
-    hint = """truncates all results to a given number of rows"""
+    hint = """limit # of rows returned by queries"""
     help = """
       To help deployments ensure against accidental denial of
       service, this plugin automatically truncates output from


 class TweakCORSAddon(Addon):
     name = 'tweak.cors'
+    hint = """permit cross site scripting"""
+    help = """
+      This plugin adds CORS headers in order to enable cross
+      site scripting for public data servers.  This permits
+      modern browsers to bypass JSONP and other hacks used
+      to work around XSS protection.
+    """


 class TweakHelloAddon(Addon):
     name = 'tweak.hello'
-    hint = """example plugin and example /hello() world command"""
+    hint = """example plugin and command"""
     help = """
       This is an example plugin and command.  It has two parameters
       ``address`` which defaults to 'world' and ``repeat`` which


 class TweakMetaAddon(Addon):
     name = 'tweak.meta'
+    hint = """meta-data introspection database"""
+    help = """
+      This plugin provides a command ``/meta()`` that is an
+      in-memory database providing introspection ability.
+      The introspection permits listing of tables, columns,
+      and links.  For example, ``/meta(/table)`` lists all
+      of the tables in the current database.
+    """
     prerequisites = []


     name = ''
     prerequisites = ['tweak.resource']
+    hint = """registers visual /shell() command"""
+    help = """
+      This command creates a command line editor in Javascript
+      that can let users edit multi-line queries using a web-browser.
+    """
     parameters = [
             Parameter('server_root', StrVal(r'^https?://.+$')),


 class TweakShellDefaultAddon(Addon):
     name = ''
+    hint = """makes /shell() be default command"""
+    help = """
+      This plugin makes the default formatter be the command shell,
+      rather than plain HTML.  Of course ``/:html`` format is still
+      available, but must be provided explicitly.
+    """
     parameters = [
             Parameter('on_root', BoolVal(), default=True),


     prerequisites = []
     postrequisites = ['htsql']
     name = 'tweak.sqlalchemy'
-    hint = """provides glue to SQLAlchemy engine and model"""
+    hint = """adapts to SQLAlchemy engine and model"""
     help = """
       This plugin provides SQLAlchemy integration in two ways.
       First, if the dburi is omitted, it attempts to use the


 class TweakTimeoutAddon(Addon):
     name = 'tweak.timeout'
+    hint = """limit query execution time"""
+    help = """
+      To help deployments ensure against accidental denial of
+      service, this plugin automatically limits all queries to
+      a given number of seconds (the default is 60s).  This 
+      plugin is currently only supported by PostgreSQL.
+    """
     parameters = [
             Parameter('timeout', PIntVal(is_nullable=True),


 class TweakTimeoutPGSQLAddon(Addon):
     name = 'tweak.timeout.pgsql'
+    hint = """implements query timeout for PostgreSQL"""
+    help = """
+      This plugin is used to set the query timeout using PostgreSQL
+      specific connection parameter.
+    """
     prerequisites = ['engine.pgsql']


 class TweakViewAddon(Addon):
     name = 'tweak.view'
+    hint = """guesses links for views"""
+    help = """
+      This plugin attempts to guess at various links 
+      between views and tables (where foreign keys are
+      not defined).  This is only supported in PostgreSQL.
+    """
     def get_extension(cls, app, attributes):
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