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 Binary Packages
-We provide binary packages for various Linux platforms.  
+The easiest way to install HTSQL is to use a binary package.
+We provide binary packages for various Linux platforms, available
-They are available at
-Installing from Source
+Install from Source
-The following instructions assume a recent Debian_ or `Debian-derived`_
-system, but could be easily adapted to other Linux distributions and
-package managers.
-.. _Debian:
-.. _Debian-derived:
-HTSQL requires Python 2.5 or newer, but does not yet support Python 3.
-Python 2.7 is the recommended version.  In most Linux distributions,
-Python is already installed; if not, install it by running::
-    # apt-get install python
-Installation of Python modules that have no system packages requires
-the pip_ package manager::
-    # apt-get install python-pip
-HTSQL needs setuptools_ and pyyaml_ libraries::
-    # apt-get install python-setuptools python-yaml
-Furthermore, some database backends require an additional database
-* SQLite requires no additional drivers.
-* For PostgreSQL, install psycopg2_::
-    # apt-get install python-psycopg2
-* For MySQL, install `MySQL-python`_::
-    # apt-get install python-mysqldb
-* For MS SQL Server, install `pymssql`_::
-    # apt-get install python-pymssql
-* For Oracle, download and install `Oracle Instant Client`_ from
-, then download, build and install cx_Oracle_.
-  The latter could be done with the pip_ package manager::
-    # pip install cx-oracle
-Installing HTSQL
-Download, build and install HTSQL, either from a source package
-or from `HTSQL source`_ repository.
-* To install the latest released version of HTSQL, use pip_::
+To install HTSQL from source, use the pip_ package manager.  Run::
     # pip install HTSQL
-* To use the latest development version of HTSQL, install Mercurial_,
-  download `HTSQL source`_, then build and install HTSQL::
+pip_ will download, build and install HTSQL and all its dependencies.
-    # apt-get install mercurial
-    $ hg clone
-    $ cd htsql
-    # make install
+HTSQL works out of the box with SQLite databases.  To run HTSQL
+on top of other database servers, you need to install additional
+database backends.
-.. _Python:
+To install a *PostgreSQL* backend, run::
+    # pip install HTSQL-PGSQL
+To install a *MySQL* backend, run::
+    # pip install HTSQL-MYSQL
+To install an *Oracle* backend, run::
+    # pip install HTSQL-ORACLE
+To install a backend for *Microsoft SQL Server*, run::
+    # pip install HTSQL-MSSQL
 .. _pip:
-.. _setuptools:
-.. _pyyaml:
-.. _sqlite3:
-.. _psycopg2:
-.. _MySQL-python:
-.. _pymssql:
-.. _Oracle Instant Client:
-.. _cx_Oracle:
-.. _Mercurial:
-.. _HTSQL source:
 .. vim: set spell spelllang=en textwidth=72:
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