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Kirill Simonov  committed 43e35a2

Added Makefile targets `dist` and `pypi`.

`make dist` builds a source distribution.
`make pypi` registers the package on PyPI.

Added a distutils manifest file.

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+# This file specifies non-source code files that should be
+# included to the source distribution.
+# README files.
+include README INSTALL NEWS LICENSE Makefile Makefile.env.sample
+# Regression tests.
+recursive-include test *.yaml *.sql
+# Documentation (source)
+recursive-include doc *.py *.rst
+# FIXME: how to include the HTML documentation?

File Makefile

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 # This makefile provides various build, installation and testing tasks.
-.PHONY: default build install develop doc \
+.PHONY: default build install develop doc dist windist pypi \
 	test cleanup train train-ctl train-sqlite train-pgsql purge-test
 	@echo "  install: to install the HTSQL packages"
 	@echo "  develop: to install the HTSQL packages in the development mode"
 	@echo "  doc: to build the HTSQL documentation"
+	@echo "  dist: to build a source distribution"
+	@echo "  pypi: to register the package with PyPI"
 	@echo "  *** Regression Testing ***"
 	@echo "  test: to run HTSQL regression tests"
 	sphinx-build -b html doc build/doc
+# Build a source distribution.
+	python setup.py sdist --formats=zip,gztar -d build/dist
+# Register the package with PyPI.
+	python setup.py register
 # Regression testing tasks.