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Recognize ID values as an identity rather than as a record.

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 from ..adapter import Adapter, adapt, adapt_many
 from ..domain import (UntypedDomain, BooleanDomain, IntegerDomain, FloatDomain,
         DecimalDomain, DateDomain, TimeDomain, DateTimeDomain, ListDomain,
-        Value)
+        IdentityDomain, ID, Value)
 import types
 import datetime
 import decimal
         return Value(ListDomain(domain), entries)
+class EmbedIdentity(Embed):
+    adapt(ID)
+    def __call__(self):
+        entry_values = [Embed.__invoke__(entry) for entry in]
+        if any( is None for value in entry_values):
+            raise TypeError("an ID value should not contain a NULL entry")
+        domain = IdentityDomain([value.domain for value in entry_values])
+        entries = tuple( for value in entry_values)
+        return Value(domain, entries)
 def embed(base_environment, **parameters):
     environment = {}
     if base_environment:
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