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using seive syntax for avg((course?).credits)

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   to the database.
 * Updated the tutorial, minor bugfixes, regression test updates, etc.
 2.0.0 beta 2 (2010-10-01)

File doc/tutorial.rst

 column ``school`` is equal to ``'eng'``.   In HTSQL, *literal* values are
 single quoted, in this way we know ``'eng'`` isn't the name of a column.
+Often times we want to compare a scalar value against values from a list.
+The next example returns rows from the ``program`` table for the "Bachelors
+of Arts" (``'ba'``) or "Bachelors of Science" (``'bs'``) degrees (C2_)::
+    /program?degree={'ba','bs'}
+    program                                                    
+    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+    school | code     | title                             | degree
+    -------+----------+-----------------------------------+-------
+    art    | uhist    | Bachelor of Arts in Art History   | ba
+    art    | ustudio  | Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art    | ba
+    bus    | uacct    | Bachelor of Science in Accounting | bs
+    ...
+.. _C2: 
+    /program?degree={'ba','bs'}
 Complex filters can be created using boolean connectors, such as the
 conjunction (``&``) and alternation (``|``) operators .  The following
 request returns programs in the 'School of Business' that do not
-grant a 'Bachelor of Science' degree (C2_)::
+grant a 'Bachelor of Science' degree (C3_)::
     bus    | pcap | Certificate in Capital Markets     | ct
-.. _C2: 
+.. _C3:
 Filters can be combined with selectors and links.  The following request
 returns courses, listing only department number and title, having less
-than 3 credits in the school of natural science (C3_)::
+than 3 credits in the school of natural science (C4_)::
     /course{department, number, title}
     astro      | 155    | Telescope Workshop            
-.. _C3: 
+.. _C4:
     /course{department, number, title}
 It is sometimes desirable to specify the filter before the selector.
 Using a *table expression*, denoted by parenthesis, the previous request
-is equivalent to (C4_)::
+is equivalent to (C5_)::
       {department, number, title}
-.. _C4: 
+.. _C5:
       {department, number, title}
 Filtering can be done on one column, with aggregation on another.  This
 example shows average credits from only high-level courses (RB5_)::
-    /department{name, avg(course{credits}?number>=400)}
+    /department{name, avg((course?number>400).credits)}
-    name           | avg(course{credits}?number>=400)
+    name           | avg((course?number>400).credits)
     Accounting     |               3.0000000000000000
     Art History    |               3.2500000000000000
 .. _RB5:
-    /department{name, avg(course{credits}?number>=400)}
+    /department{name, avg((course?number>400).credits)}
 Numerical aggregates are supported.  This request computes some useful
 ```` statistics (RB6_)::