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Updated the showcase to match the latest HTRAF syntax.

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       <div style="width: 500px; height: 350px;"
         data-htsql="/program{title, count(student)}
-        data-type="pie"
-        data-widget="chart"
+        data-ref="school" data-type="pie" data-widget="chart"
         data-title="Percent of Students by Program"></div>
       <p>Filter by name: <input id="department_name"/></p>
       <table id="department" data-hide-column-0="yes"
         data-htsql="/department{code, name,}
-                    ?school_code=$school&name~$department_name">
-      </table>
+                    ?school_code=$school&name~$department_name"
+        data-ref="school department_name"></table>
         The selected department:
-        <em data-htsql="/department{name}?code=$department"></em> <br/>
+        <em data-htsql="/department{name}?code=$department"
+            data-ref="department"></em> <br/>
         The number of courses in the selected department:
         <strong data-htsql="/department{count(course)}
-                            ?code=$department"></strong>
+                            ?code=$department"
+                data-ref="department"></strong>
       <table id="course" 
-        data-htsql="/course?department_code=$department">
-      </table>
+        data-htsql="/course?department_code=$department"
+        data-ref="department"></table>
    .. image:: img/htraf_screenshot.png
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