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New URL for htsql_demo.sqlite database.

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 SQLite database.  To get a copy of this, download it using ``wget`` or
 some other tool::
-   $ wget
+   $ wget -q
 Then use ``htsql-ctl shell`` to walk through our
 :doc:`overview <overview>` and/or :doc:`tutorial <tutorial>`::


 You can use HTSQL on top of any relational database.  In our examples,
 we use the HTSQL Demo database, which can be downloaded from
 To start a command-line shell where you can type and execute HTSQL
 queries, run::
 Create an HTSQL instance::
     >>> from htsql import HTSQL
-    >>> demo = HTSQL("pgsql:htsql_demo")
+    >>> demo = HTSQL("sqlite:htsql_demo")
 Use the instance to execute HTSQL queries.  For example, to
 find all school records matching the given pattern, write::
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