htsql / test / input / sqlite.yaml

Diff from to


 title: SQLite regression tests
-id: sqlite
+suite: sqlite
 output: test/output/sqlite.yaml
 - title: Remove any existing regression database
-  id: drop-sqlite
+  suite: dropdb
   - rmdir: build/regress/sqlite
 - title: Deploy the regression database
-  id: create-sqlite
+  suite: createdb
   - mkdir: build/regress/sqlite
   - write: build/regress/sqlite/htsql_demo.sqlite
   - connect: &connect-demo
       engine: sqlite
       database: build/regress/sqlite/htsql_demo.sqlite
-    sql-include: test/sql/demo-sqlite.sql
+    sql: test/sql/demo-sqlite.sql
   - db: *connect-demo
-  - py-include: test/sql/
+  - py: test/sql/
   - write: build/regress/sqlite/htsql_edge.sqlite
     data: ""
   - connect: &connect-edge
       engine: sqlite
       database: build/regress/sqlite/htsql_edge.sqlite
-    sql-include: test/sql/edge-sqlite.sql
+    sql: test/sql/edge-sqlite.sql
   - write: build/regress/sqlite/htsql_sandbox.sqlite
     data: ""
   - connect: &connect-sandbox
         -- The `sandbox` database is populated by the tests.
 - title: Run the test collection
-  id: test-sqlite
+  suite: test
-  - define: sqlite
+  - set: sqlite
   - db: *connect-sandbox
       htsql: {debug: true}
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