integer cast regression failure

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Clark C. Evans
created an issue

//Francisco via email report//

I am having trouble with portions of the INSTALL.

  • I am running Debian (Lenny) with Postgres 8.3.
  • I have upgraded all the required applications (setuptools,simplejson, PyYAML, psycopg2) because the defaults provided by Debian are too old.
  • But I still get the following when running make test


make test htsql-ctl regress -i test/regress.yaml -q

GET /{integer(string('X'))}
("test/input/pgsql.yaml", line 199)

=== the test output is changed @@ -3,6 +3,4 @@ engine failure: error while executing "SELECT CAST('X' AS INTEGER)": invalid input syntax for integer: "X" -LINE 1: SELECT CAST('X' AS INTEGER) - ^ : /{integer(string('X'))} *** unexpected test output ============================================================== ========== TESTS PASSED: 79 TESTS FAILED: 1 Fatal error: a test failed }}}

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  1. Kirill Simonov
    • changed status to open

    An error is expected here, but the test harness complains because the error message is different from what it expects. I'll make the test completely ignore the error message.

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