No way to access tables in a non public schema

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Philip Southam
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I have schemas in my PostgreSQL database other than public where the name is something like not_public_schema. I saw a discussion in this link where using the tweek.schema extension may provide a work around, but in the latest version that particular extension seems to be missing. Even if it was there I'm wondering if the underscores in my schema names may break that workaround. Are there plans (or a current, undocumented solution) to allow access to access to tables living in the non public schema namespace?

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  1. Kirill Simonov

    For the current version of HTSQL, you can find a relatively complete description on how HTSQL names are generated from SQL names here:

    In short,

    1. If the table name is unique among all schemas in the database, the name is used directly.

    2. If there are two or more tables with the same name (in different schemas), the table in the "public" schema will get the original name, the rest will get the name of the form <schema>_<name>.

    3. If you are not satisfied with the names assigned by HTSQL by default, you can override them with tweak.override addon using parameter class-labels (see

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