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Issue #8 resolved

unknown command 'describe'

created an issue

I'm trying to take HTSQL for a test run, but I'm failing pretty early in the process. I have it installed from the HTSQL PPA

{{{ chris@mu:~$ htsql-ctl version 2.2.1 }}}

But I'm not finding the "describe" command that is referenced in the docs

{{{ chris@mu:~$ htsql-ctl shell -p pgsql://chris@localhost:5432/my_db Password: Interactive HTSQL Shell Type 'help' for more information, 'exit' to quit the shell. certified_mail$ describe ** unknown command 'describe' }}}

(BTW, I tried to post this on Stack Overflow, but there is no htsql tag defined)

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  1. Clark C. Evans

    So, the current release is 2.3.0, so this is the issue.

    For this release we changed the APT repository from

      deb http://htsql.org/apt htsql non-free


      deb http://dist.htsql.org/debian stable free

    If you update this line in /etc/apt/sources.list and then do

      # apt-get update
      # apt-get install htsql    
      # apt-get install htsql-pgsql          (for PostgreSQL adapter)
      # apt-get install htsql-mysql          (for MySQL Adapter)

    it should upgrade to 2.3.0.



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