htsql / LICENSE

HTSQL and its adapters for open source database systems are released under
a Permissive, Free Software and Evaluation licenses.  You may distribute
HTSQL under your choice of these licenses, so long as you respect the
licenses of other works it may be distributed and/or used in conjunction
with.  For more information, please see 

In this repository, we also include adapters for proprietary database
systems, but only under an Evaluation license.  Hence, this repository,
as a whole, is not completely free software and therefore should not be
referenced as a source package.  Our free software source packages
exclude these proprietary adapters.

In this repository, some components considered broadly useful, but
ancillary to HTSQL itself, are released under the MIT license.  Example
code snippets, configuration, and applications are placed into the
public domain using the CC0 copyright dedication.  These exceptions to
the general license outline above are marked on a file by file basis.

To join this project or learn about how to contribute, please read  In particular, most enhancements for HTSQL
could be added through a runtime extension mechanism and do not require
write access to this source code repository.
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