htsql / src / htsql_mysql / core / tr /

# Copyright (c) 2006-2013, Prometheus Research, LLC

from htsql.core.domain import BooleanDomain, IntegerDomain
from import (WrapperTerm, FilterTerm, OrderTerm,
        PermanentTerm, JoinTerm, ScalarTerm)
from import (LiteralCode, FormulaCode, ScalarUnit,
from import coerce
from import IsEqualSig, AndSig, CompareSig
from import AddSig
from import CompileCovering
from .signature import (UserVariableSig, UserVariableAssignmentSig,
        NoOpConditionSig, IfSig)

class MySQLCompileCovering(CompileCovering):

    def clip(self, term, order, partition):
        prefix = u"!htsql:%s" % term.tag
        row_number = FormulaCode(UserVariableSig(u"%s:row_number" % prefix),
        keys = []
        for idx, code in enumerate(partition):
            key = FormulaCode(UserVariableSig(u"%s:partition:%s"
                                              % (prefix, idx+1)),
        #term = PermanentTerm(self.state.tag(), term,
        #           , term.baseline, term.routes.copy())
        zero_term = ScalarTerm(self.state.tag(),
                               self.state.root, self.state.root, {})
        zero_units = []
        code = FormulaCode(UserVariableAssignmentSig(),
                           rop=LiteralCode(None, row_number.domain,
        unit = ScalarUnit(code, self.state.root, code.flow)
        for key in keys:
            code = FormulaCode(UserVariableAssignmentSig(),
                               rop=LiteralCode(None, key.domain,
            unit = ScalarUnit(code, self.state.root, code.flow)
        tag = self.state.tag()
        routes = {}
        for unit in zero_units:
            routes[unit] = tag
        zero_term.routes = routes
        zero_term = PermanentTerm(tag, zero_term,
                        , zero_term.baseline, routes)
        filters = [FormulaCode(NoOpConditionSig(), coerce(BooleanDomain()),
         , op=unit) for unit in zero_units]
        filter = FormulaCode(AndSig(), coerce(BooleanDomain()),
                   , ops=filters)
        zero_term = FilterTerm(self.state.tag(), zero_term, filter,
                     , zero_term.baseline, {})
        term = JoinTerm(self.state.tag(), term, zero_term, [],
                        False, False,, term.baseline,
        order = [(code, +1) for code in partition]+order
        term = OrderTerm(self.state.tag(), term, order, None, None,
               , term.baseline, term.routes.copy())
        term = PermanentTerm(self.state.tag(), term,
                   , term.baseline, term.routes)
        next_units = []
        conditions = []
        for lop, rop in zip(keys, partition):
            condition = FormulaCode(IsEqualSig(+1), coerce(BooleanDomain()),
                          , lop=lop, rop=rop)
        if len(conditions) == 1:
            [condition] = conditions
            condition = FormulaCode(AndSig(), coerce(BooleanDomain()),
                          , ops=conditions)
        one_literal = LiteralCode(1, coerce(IntegerDomain()),
        on_true = FormulaCode(AddSig(), coerce(IntegerDomain()),
                              lop=row_number, rop=one_literal)
        on_false = one_literal
        value = FormulaCode(IfSig(), row_number.domain,,
                            condition=condition, on_true=on_true,
        code = FormulaCode(UserVariableAssignmentSig(),
                           lop=row_number, rop=value)
        row_number_unit = ScalarUnit(code,, code.flow)
        for lop, rop in zip(keys, partition):
            code = FormulaCode(UserVariableAssignmentSig(), lop.domain,
                          , lop=lop, rop=rop)
            unit = ScalarUnit(code,, code.flow)
        tag = self.state.tag()
        routes = term.routes.copy()
        for unit in next_units:
            routes[unit] = tag
        term = PermanentTerm(tag, term,, term.baseline, routes)
        left_bound = 1
        if is not None:
            left_bound =
        right_bound = left_bound+1
        if is not None:
            right_bound =
        left_bound_code = LiteralCode(left_bound, coerce(IntegerDomain()),
        right_bound_code = LiteralCode(right_bound, coerce(IntegerDomain()),
        left_filter = FormulaCode(CompareSig('>='), coerce(BooleanDomain()),
                                  lop=row_number_unit, rop=left_bound_code)
        right_filter = FormulaCode(CompareSig('<'), coerce(BooleanDomain()),
                                   lop=row_number_unit, rop=right_bound_code)
        filters = [left_filter, right_filter]
        filters += [FormulaCode(NoOpConditionSig(), coerce(BooleanDomain()),
          , op=unit) for unit in next_units]
        filter = FormulaCode(AndSig(), coerce(BooleanDomain()),
                   , ops=filters)
        term = FilterTerm(self.state.tag(), term, filter,
                , term.baseline, term.routes)
        return term
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