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htsql / src / htsql / core / __init__.py

# Copyright (c) 2006-2013, Prometheus Research, LLC

from . import (adapter, addon, application, cache, cmd, connect, context,
        domain, entity, error, introspect, split_sql, syn, tr, util, validator,
from .validator import DBVal, StrVal, BoolVal
from .addon import Addon, Parameter, Variable, addon_registry
from .connect import connect
from .error import Error
from .introspect import introspect
from .cache import GeneralCache

class HTSQLAddon(Addon):

    name = 'htsql'
    hint = """HTSQL translator and HTTP service"""
    help = """
    This extension implements the HTSQL translator and HTTP service.
    It is included to every HTSQL application.

    The parameter `db` specifies parameters of the database connection;
    it must have the form:



      - ENGINE is the type of the database server; possible values
        are `sqlite`, `pgsql`, `mysql`, `oracle` or `mssql`.
      - USERNAME:PASSWORD are used for authentication to the database
      - HOST:PORT is the address of the database server.
      - DATABASE is the name of the database, or, for file-based
        backends, the path to the file containing the database.

    The parameter `password` sets the database password.  It overrides
    the password given as a part of `db` parameter.

    The parameter `debug`, if set to `True`, enables debug output.

    parameters = [
            Parameter('db', DBVal(),
                      hint="""the connection URI"""),
            Parameter('password', StrVal(),
                      hint="""override the password"""),
            Parameter('debug', BoolVal(), default=False,
                      hint="""dump debug information""")

    variables = [
            Variable('can_read', True),
            Variable('can_write', True),

    packages = ['.', '.cmd', '.fmt', '.tr', '.tr.fn', '.syn']
    prerequisites = []
    postrequisites = ['engine']

    def __init__(self, app, attributes):
        super(HTSQLAddon, self).__init__(app, attributes)
        self.cache = GeneralCache()

    def validate(self):
        if self.db is None:
            raise ValueError("database address is not specified")
        except Error, exc:
            raise ValueError("failed to establish database connection: %s"
                             % exc)
        except Error, exc:
            raise ValueError("failed to introspect the database: %s" % exc)

class EngineAddon(Addon):

    name = 'engine'
    hint = """provides implementations of HTSQL for specific servers"""
    help = """
    This extension implements HTSQL translator for specific
    database servers.

    def get_extension(cls, app, attributes):
        if app.htsql.db is not None:
            name = '%s.%s' % (cls.name, app.htsql.db.engine)
            if name not in addon_registry:
                raise ImportError("unknown engine %r" % app.htsql.db.engine)
            return name