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  2. Prometheus
  3. htsql


htsql / src / htsql / tweak / etl / cmd / merge.py

# Copyright (c) 2006-2013, Prometheus Research, LLC

from ....core.util import listof
from ....core.adapter import Utility, adapt
from ....core.context import context
from ....core.error import Error, PermissionError
from ....core.entity import TableEntity, ColumnEntity
from ....core.model import TableArc
from ....core.classify import localize, relabel
from ....core.connect import transaction, scramble, unscramble
from ....core.domain import IdentityDomain, RecordDomain, ListDomain, Product
from ....core.cmd.fetch import build_fetch
from ....core.cmd.act import Act, ProduceAction, act
from ....core.tr.bind import BindingState, Select
from ....core.syn.syntax import VoidSyntax
from ....core.tr.binding import (VoidBinding, RootBinding, FormulaBinding,
        LocateBinding, SelectionBinding, SieveBinding, AliasBinding,
        SegmentBinding, QueryBinding, FreeTableRecipe, ColumnRecipe)
from ....core.tr.signature import IsEqualSig, AndSig, PlaceholderSig
from ....core.tr.decorate import decorate
from ....core.tr.coerce import coerce
from ....core.tr.lookup import identify
from .command import MergeCmd
from .insert import (BuildExtractNode, BuildExtractTable, BuildExecuteInsert,
        BuildResolveIdentity, BuildResolveChain)
from ..tr.dump import serialize_update
import itertools

class ExtractIdentityPipe(object):

    def __init__(self, node, arcs, id_indices, other_indices):
        self.node = node
        self.arcs = arcs
        self.id_indices = id_indices
        self.other_indices = other_indices

    def __call__(self, row):
        return (tuple(row[idx] for idx in self.id_indices),
                tuple(row[idx] for idx in self.other_indices))

class BuildExtractIdentity(Utility):

    def __init__(self, node, arcs):
        self.node = node
        self.arcs = arcs

    def __call__(self):
        identity_arcs = localize(self.node)
        if identity_arcs is None:
            raise Error("Expected a table with identity")
        index_by_arc = dict((arc, index) for index, arc in enumerate(self.arcs))
        id_indices = []
        for arc in identity_arcs:
            if arc not in index_by_arc:
                labels = relabel(arc)
                if not labels:
                    raise Error("Missing identity field")
                    label = labels[0]
                    raise Error("Missing identity field %s"
                                % label.name.encode('utf-8'))
            index = index_by_arc[arc]
        other_indices = []
        arcs = []
        for idx, arc in enumerate(self.arcs):
            if arc in identity_arcs:
        return ExtractIdentityPipe(self.node, arcs, id_indices, other_indices)

class ResolveKeyPipe(object):

    def __init__(self, name, columns, domain, pipe, with_error):
        self.name = name
        self.columns = columns
        self.pipe = pipe
        self.domain = domain
        self.leaves = domain.leaves
        self.with_error = with_error

    def __call__(self, value):
        assert value is not None
        raw_values = []
        for leaf in self.leaves:
            raw_value = value
            for idx in leaf:
                raw_value = raw_value[idx]
        product = self.pipe(raw_values)
        data = product.data
        assert len(data) <= 1
        if data:
            return data[0]
        if self.with_error:
            quote = None
            if self.name:
                quote = u"%s[%s]" % (self.name, self.domain.dump(value))
                quote = u"[%s]" % self.domain.dump(value)
            raise Error("Unable to find an entity", quote)
        return None

class BuildResolveKey(Utility):

    def __init__(self, node, with_error=True):
        self.node = node
        self.table = node.table
        self.with_error = with_error

    def __call__(self):
        labels = relabel(TableArc(self.table))
        name = labels[0].name if labels else None
        state = BindingState()
        syntax = VoidSyntax()
        scope = RootBinding(syntax)
        seed = state.use(FreeTableRecipe(self.table), syntax)
        recipe = identify(seed)
        if recipe is None:
            raise Error("Cannot determine identity of a link")
        identity = state.use(recipe, syntax, scope=seed)
        count = itertools.count()
        def make_images(identity):
            images = []
            for field in identity.elements:
                if isinstance(field.domain, IdentityDomain):
                    item = FormulaBinding(scope,
                    images.append((item, field))
            return images
        images = make_images(identity)
        scope = LocateBinding(scope, seed, images, None, syntax)
        columns = []
        if self.table.primary_key is not None:
            columns = self.table.primary_key.origin_columns
            for key in self.table.unique_keys:
                if key.is_partial:
                if all(not column.is_nullable
                       for column in key.origin_columns):
                    rcolumns = key.origin_columns
        if not columns:
            raise Error("Table does not have a primary key")
        elements = []
        for column in columns:
            binding = state.use(ColumnRecipe(column), syntax)
        fields = [decorate(element) for element in elements]
        domain = RecordDomain(fields)
        scope = SelectionBinding(scope, elements, domain, syntax)
        binding = Select.__invoke__(scope, state)
        domain = ListDomain(binding.domain)
        binding = SegmentBinding(state.root, binding, domain, syntax)
        profile = decorate(binding)
        binding = QueryBinding(state.root, binding, profile, syntax)
        pipe =  build_fetch(binding)
        domain = identity.domain
        return ResolveKeyPipe(name, columns, domain, pipe, self.with_error)

class ExecuteUpdatePipe(object):

    def __init__(self, table, input_columns, key_columns,
                 output_columns, sql):
        assert isinstance(table, TableEntity)
        assert isinstance(input_columns, listof(ColumnEntity))
        assert isinstance(key_columns, listof(ColumnEntity))
        assert isinstance(output_columns, listof(ColumnEntity))
        assert isinstance(sql, unicode)
        self.table = table
        self.input_columns = input_columns
        self.key_columns = key_columns
        self.output_columns = output_columns
        self.sql = sql
        self.input_converts = [scramble(column.domain)
                               for column in input_columns]
        self.key_converts = [scramble(column.domain)
                             for column in key_columns]
        self.output_converts = [unscramble(column.domain)
                                for column in output_columns]

    def __call__(self, key_row, row):
        key_row = tuple(convert(item)
                        for item, convert in zip(key_row, self.key_converts))
        row = tuple(convert(item)
                    for item, convert in zip(row, self.input_converts))
        if not row:
            return key_row
        if not context.env.can_write:
            raise PermissionError("No write permissions")
        with transaction() as connection:
            cursor = connection.cursor()
            cursor.execute(self.sql.encode('utf-8'), row+key_row)
            rows = cursor.fetchall()
            if len(rows) != 1:
                raise Error("Unable to locate the updated row")
            [row] = rows
        return row

class BuildExecuteUpdate(Utility):

    def __init__(self, table, columns):
        assert isinstance(table, TableEntity)
        assert isinstance(columns, listof(ColumnEntity))
        self.table = table
        self.columns = columns

    def __call__(self):
        table = self.table
        returning_columns = []
        if table.primary_key is not None:
            returning_columns = table.primary_key.origin_columns
            for key in table.unique_keys:
                if key.is_partial:
                if all(not column.is_nullable
                       for column in key.origin_columns):
                    returning_columns = key.origin_columns
        if not returning_columns:
            raise Error("Table does not have a primary key")
        sql = serialize_update(table, self.columns, returning_columns,
        return ExecuteUpdatePipe(table, self.columns, returning_columns,
                                 returning_columns, sql)

class ProduceMerge(Act):

    adapt(MergeCmd, ProduceAction)

    def __call__(self):
        with transaction() as connection:
            product = act(self.command.feed, self.action)
            extract_node = BuildExtractNode.__invoke__(product.meta)
            extract_table = BuildExtractTable.__invoke__(
                    extract_node.node, extract_node.arcs)
            extract_identity = BuildExtractIdentity.__invoke__(
                    extract_node.node, extract_node.arcs)
            resolve_key = BuildResolveKey.__invoke__(
                    extract_node.node, False)
            extract_table_for_update = BuildExtractTable.__invoke__(
                    extract_identity.node, extract_identity.arcs)
            execute_insert = BuildExecuteInsert.__invoke__(
                    extract_table.table, extract_table.columns)
            execute_update = BuildExecuteUpdate.__invoke__(
            resolve_identity = BuildResolveIdentity.__invoke__(
                    execute_insert.table, execute_insert.output_columns,
            meta = resolve_identity.profile
            data = []
            if extract_node.is_list:
                records = product.data
                record_domain = product.meta.domain.item_domain
                records = [product.data]
                record_domain = product.meta.domain
            for idx, record in enumerate(records):
                if record is None:
                    row = extract_node(record)
                    update_id, update_row = extract_identity(row)
                    key = resolve_key(update_id)
                    if key is not None:
                        row = extract_table_for_update(update_row)
                        key = execute_update(key, row)
                        row = extract_table(row)
                        key = execute_insert(row)
                    row = resolve_identity(key)
                except Error, exc:
                    if extract_node.is_list:
                        message = "While merging record #%s" % (idx+1)
                        message = "While merging a record"
                    quote = record_domain.dump(record)
                    exc.wrap(message, quote)
            if not extract_node.is_list:
                assert len(data) <= 1
                if data:
                    data = data[0]
                    data = None
            return Product(meta, data)