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sphinxcontrib-jsdemo -- HTML/Javascript Demo extension for Sphinx


sphinxcontrib-jsdemo is an extension for embedding HTML/Javascript demo snippets into Sphinx documents.

You can see this extension in action at http://htsql.org/htraf/index.html. For more examples, see demo directory in the source distribution.

This software is written by Kirill Simonov (Prometheus Research, LLC) and released under BSD license.


To enable this extension, add the following line to conf.py:


Now you can include a snippet of HTML/Javascript code to a Sphinx document using demo directive. For example:

.. demo::

   <button>Click me!</button>

The directive renders its content twice: as a raw HTML block (demo) and as a literal block (source). Clicking on the Demo and Source headers toggles visibility of the blocks.

Option layout allows you to control the relative order of the blocks. For example, the following directive renders the source block before the demo block with the content of the demo block initially hidden:

.. demo::
   :layout: +source, -demo

   <button>Click me, too!</button>




Inserts a demo widget.

The directive is rendered as a composite node with two blocks:

  • A demo block containing raw HTML content.
  • A source block with the same content in literal form.

Clicking on a block header toggles the block's visibility.



This option controls the order of the blocks and their initial visibility. It must contain comma-separated list of blocks with optional + or - indicators specifying the initial visibility. Examples:

demo, source
Render the demo block before the source block. This is the default value of the option.
+source, -demo
Render the source block before the demo block. The content of the demo block is hidden.
Render the demo block only; hidden.

Configuration parameters

The layout for demo directives with no layout option. By default, +demo, +source.

CSS classes

Wraps the demo directive.
Wraps a block header.
If set on a block header, indicates that the content of the block is hidden.
Wraps the demo block.
Wraps the source block.